In 2018, HUMAN began experimenting with organic percussionist and long-time friend, FABIAN A. - Chicago's most prolific drummer - who provides beats for several metal and punk bands including JOHNNY VOMIT, SPARE CHANGE, FIRST JASON, VICIOUS ATTACK, BATTLE ROYALE, and SQUARED OFF. Fabian's relentless rythyms are celebrated every March at COBRA LOUNGE during the FABULOUS FUCKING FABIAN FEST, 5 years and counting!

A. HUMAN; guitarist, vocalist, and professor, has been playing in local metal bands since 1998, but is best known for former bands LOKI and INTERCONTINENTALBALLISTICMISSILE, and for producing an ongoing series of compilations of local metal, punk, and stoner rock bands called ANGRY PEASANTS.

In 2012, after the disintegration of the ‘MISSILE, HUMAN left Chicago, opting to complete a graduate degree in Biology. During that time away from home, he began writing new music and experimenting with a drum machine and a wide variety of guitar effects. From 2013-2018, HUMAN played numerous gigs as a solo performer, utilizing three amplifiers and two pedalboards of effects to synthesize a wall of sound, performing under the name MULTIDIMENSIONALHYPERVOLUME.

In 2019 HYPERVOLUME emerged in its current two-piece form, playing live gigs in Chicago at the COBRA and LIVE WIRE LOUNGES. They released a rough recording of a cover of a classic punk song on ANGRY PEASANTS: VOLUME 8 in the fall, and throughout the winter the band worked with DAN KLEIN of IRON HAND AUDIO to produce their debut album CONCEIVE.

In 2020 the band released the single ORBIT on ANGRY PEASANTS: VOLUME 9 in April, and NO CLEAN SINGING premiered the new music video ORBIT on November 20th.


HYPERVOLUME released their debut album CONCEIVE on December 4th, 2020.


STRUGGLING is a cover that debuted on ANGRY PEASANTS: VOLUME 10, a compilation that is raising funds for CIVL - The Chicago Independent Venue LeagueSTRUGGLING features DR. JUSTIN CUMMINGS, mayor of Santa Cruz, CA on vocals. Justin wrote the song while in the band LOKI with A. HUMAN 20 years ago. HYPERVOLUME recorded this song as a tribute to Dr. Cummings' inspirational leadership through 2020; as his community dealt with pandemic, civil unrest, and wildfires.


Hypervolume is an audio experiment conducted by two humans whose talents have been forged in the crucibles of Chicago’s heavy music scene. These expert alchemists blend doom, death, and thrash metal with elements of psychedelia and punk to create a uniquely intense experience. A. HUMAN provides guttural vocalizations and utilizes a dizzying variety of guitars, amplifiers, and effects to create a barrage of riffs that are fueled by the percussive onslaught of Chicago’s most prolific drummer, the fabulous FABIAN A. The duo established HYPERVOLUME in 2018, played a few gigs in 2019 and 2020, and released their first album CONCEIVE, on December 4th, 2020.