Beneath the Surface: Doom, Punk and Psychedelia - How Hypervolume have already reshaped the metal scene with their single ‘Orbit’. - 10/28/2020

"It seems that, as of recent years, the music industry has become infiltrated by the influx of artists looking to break the mould and stand out from the masses. Yet, of all those who attempt, few seem to capture a sound worth the risk.

However, when it comes to the up-and-coming band, Hypervolume, no such statement can be applied."

- Liberty Dunworth, Beneath the Surface


Hypervolume's 'Orbit' featured on the Zach Moonshine Show - Metal Devastation Radio - 10/03/2020


Hypervolume featured in Permafrost Today - 10/20/2020


Ever Metal: EMQs with A. Human of Hypervolume - 11/19/2020

"Q: If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

A: I’d like to play at Burning Man so I could do all the drugs while harshing the mellow of a bunch of hippies."

- A. Human


No Clean Singing: An NCS Video Premiere - Hypervolume "Orbit" - 11/20/2020

"As demonstrated on “Orbit“, A. Human is capable of venting fierce and frightening howls of vicious, shrieking intensity. And he also cooked up a potent riff for this song, which quickly connects with a listener’s reptile brain at the same time as the drum rhythms have their way with your neck."

- Islander, No Clean Singing


Hypervolume featured on La Habitacion 235 - 11/25/2020


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Hypervolume featured on Next Mosh - 11/26/2020


Games, Brrraaains, & a Headbanging Life: Album Review: Hypervolume – Conceive (Self Released) - 11/29/2020

"The riffs are golden..."

- Carl "The Disc" Fisher


Outlaws of the Sun: Hypervolume - Conceive (Album Review) - 11/30/2020

"This is the type of album that should really be on RELAPSE RECORDS. I can easily see Hypervolume fitting in with that legendary label and their roster of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal bands. And if that’s your thing then be prepared for a stunning record."

- Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun


Hypervolume featured on Doomed Nation - 11/27/2020


Chicago Doom Confederacy: Local Show Recap – Angry Peasants Volume 8 Release Party... - 9/17/2019

"Hypervolume is sort of a fusion of stoner-drenched rock and the non-wankery side of progressive metal: for every straightforward riff and gruff vocal passage, there’s some weird synthesizer-sounding lead and a complex switching-off of patterns and rhythmic changeups. This music was clearly written by someone looking to break the mold…"

- Ted Nubel, Chicago Doom Confederacy Hypervolume - Conceive (Album Review 4/5) - 12/01/2020

"Chicago-based duo Hypervolume are just about to release their debut full-length, Conceive, and it’s an absolutely solid slab of stoner doom swagger."

- Kieron Hayes,